Listamessa TORG 2018
@ Korpúlfsstaðir, Reykjavik
Group exhibition - First Icelandic Art Fair
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Article about me and my exhibition
in Icelandic newspaper
Exhibition @ SIM Gallery, Reykjavik
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UI and UX design for
EyeShare App
@ Google Glass Hackathon, Belgrade
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About me...

I am a visual artist and a front-end developer with more than 8 years of experience of designing/programming for web. I develop web interfaces with JS, CSS and HTML, as the developer with such a design experience I am focused on fine tuning the UI/UX, but I'm also very much into Knockout and REACT (which is my current focus). I'm experienced in UI/UX, graphic design and 3D Modeling. To date, neither one direction I didn't left; In each of them I work parallel; I'm trying to improve and develop, not to repeat but to explore.
It is my desire to be a part of the creative and cultural life and to actively participate in it by my actions and by engaging.
I'm creating in the domain of abstract painting, abstract expressionism, abstract minimalism permeated with psychology, philosophy, and theory of art; I try to support all my work with the concept that would improve communication with the audience.
I'm professionally occupied with web, graphic and user interface design.